Is Lavender The Best Essential Oil?

All essential oils have different benefits. Some relax your mind while others treat bites and stings. The versatile lavender essential oil is good for both of those conditions and several dozen others. Every decent essential oil and aromatherapy kit will include lavender. This is a very gentle oil. However, it is also very powerful, acting […]

4 Most Popular Essential Oils

Some essential oils are considered must haves by aromatherapy practitioners. The following four essential oils should be kept on hand for the many benefits they deliver. Lavender Lavender is considered the “universal oil” in aromatherapy circles. A very calming scent, lavender treats burns, stings, cuts, and bruises and is also effective for combating allergies, cancer, […]

How Aromatherapy Benefits Your Nervous System

Some essential oils, through either massage or aroma, quickly treat the nervous system. Since the nervous system closely links the mind and body, the oils that influence your nerves have multiple benefits. Clary sage, lavender, melissa, chamomile, juniper, marjoram, and rosemary all have calming, sedative, analgesic, and/or antiseptic properties. They calm the nerves that trigger […]