5 Ways to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil

This superior detoxifying essential oil has been shown to flush out the body’s toxins, disinfect and cleanse the skin, and lift spirits. The scent brightens emotions and relieves anxiety, while the high limonene content has been known to help with skin issues. Use grapefruit essential oil whenever you would like to lighten your mood, strengthen […]

5 Ways to Use Basil Essential Oil

Basil’s use in traditional medicine spans hundreds of years, with a foundation in digestive and respiratory support. Applications in the 16th century included: snakebite treatments, respiratory tract inhalants, and migraine relief. The oil possesses antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and decongestant properties, with an aroma that is said to alleviate fatigue and stress while stimulating concentration. Basil […]