5 Important Properties of Lemon Essential Oil

The d-limonene content of lemon essential oil is the soul of its restorative nature. Used traditionally as a cleanser, disinfectant, and purifying agent, lemon essential oil has long been utilized in cleaning. However, when it comes to the health of the body, its properties lend itself to skin care, and its fresh, natural scent lifts and re-energizes the spirit. Used as an antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, or astringent, lemon essential oil really has it all.


Antioxidants combat free radicals—or oxidants—within the body, thereby enhancing overall health. While many oxidants are caused by environmental or external factors (i.e.: pollution, smoking, etc.), some oxidants are the direct result of normal reactions within the body, like aerobic respiration and inflammation. Whatever the case, the body requires antioxidants to destroy these free radicals, so that they do not lead to disease. Essential oils, like lemon, provide the body with much needed antioxidants to combat free radicals and repair their damage.


Lemon also offers antiviral properties that can fortify the immune system, strengthening the body’s natural defenses against colds, mumps, measles, and any other virus-producing foreign invaders that want to wreak havoc on your health. Antivirals often do this by boosting white blood cell count—those immune system cells that are there to protect.


Antibacterial products protect against infections and diseases caused by bacteria. This includes bacteria that invade the digestive, urinary, and respiratory tract, as well as oral bacteria that can damage dental health. Lemon’s antibacterial activity does not impact the natural flora in the intestines and stomach but combats only the damaging bacteria that may have invaded.


Fungi can infect a person externally or internally and produce more fatalities than other types of infection. The nose, throat, and ears are most at risk for infection, and if left untreated, the issue can spread to the brain. Lemon essential oil fortifies the body’s natural defenses against fungi and the infections they cause, making this oil a superior combatant against foreign invaders.


Astringents are compounds that shrink body tissue, which can be especially beneficial when it comes to skin issues, like acne or bug bites. Astringents do not stop at the skin, however. They support and strengthen muscles, hair, and even the intestines, protecting against loss of important bodily tissue. Lemon is a powerful astringent, which means it can fortify all of the above.


This post is for infomational purposes only. I am not a qualified Aromatherapist. Always seek the advice of a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils, as they can be dangerous and cause severe injury if used incorrectly.

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