5 Ways to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil

This superior detoxifying essential oil has been shown to flush out the body’s toxins, disinfect and cleanse the skin, and lift spirits. The scent brightens emotions and relieves anxiety, while the high limonene content has been known to help with skin issues.

Use grapefruit essential oil whenever you would like to lighten your mood, strengthen digestive or cardiovascular function, or promote energy. This oil is generally diluted in a 1:1 ratio with a carrier oil.*

Grapefruit essential oil could help in the following ways.


Grapefruit helps suppress addictive urges and depressive moods. Dilute accordingly, and apply over the solar plexus, the stomach, the heart, or the back of the neck. To take internally, place a single drop on the tip of your tongue or in a glass of drinking water. Alternatively, you could use aromatically by inhaling directly, diffusing throughout the room, or use the cup-and-inhale method–simply place a drop in your palms, rub them together, cup your hands over your nose, and breathe deeply and calmly in and out. Do this for several minutes or until the craving has passed.

Cardiovascular Support

Strengthen cardiovascular health and protect against heart issues through a topical grapefruit essential oil application. Dilute accordingly, and apply over the heart in a circular motion and into the reflex points of the feet.

Digestive Aid

This oil is an awesome supporter of digestive health. To combat digestive issues, place a drop of oil in a glass of drinking water and drink, or apply a topical application to the abdomen, massaging in a clockwise motion. It could also be massaged into the reflex points of the feet. For general digestive support, diffuse throughout the home.


If you are feeling low energy or chronic fatigue, run a hot bath, and disperse three drops of grapefruit in the bathwater. Soak for twenty minutes, while inhaling deeply. You could also diffuse the oil, or apply topically, diluted, in a full body massage to boost circulation and promote energy and cognitive function.


A topical grapefruit application can be a great hangover fix. Dilute accordingly, and massage into the chest, abdomen, and reflex points. You could also take internally. Drink a drop in a glass of water, or inhale directly.


This post is for infomational purposes only. I am not a qualified Aromatherapist. Always seek the advice of a qualified Aromatherapist before using essential oils, as they can be dangerous and cause severe injury if used incorrectly.

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