Oregano Is Not Just for the Kitchen Anymore

Oregano is certainly versatile whenever mealtime rolls around, but oregano essential oil (scientifically known as origanum vulgare) is also extremely well-rounded. This essential oil has really begun to gain in popularity recently.

You can expect a crisp and herbal scent from oregano oil. Unlike the majority of essential oils used in aromatherapy, oregano does not have what you would consider an attractive or desirable smell. However, as an antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and immunity system stimulant, it is extremely effective.

Just as eating oregano with your meals is good for you, oregano oil offers many health benefits. Mentally, it keeps you from becoming too proud, helps you ignore critically hurtful opinions, and even helps you see things as they really are.

It is also great for treating everything from athlete’s foot to whooping cough. Warts and calluses, Candida and canker sores, fungal infections and muscle aches all bow down to the power of oregano. This versatile essential oil is effective for fighting viruses, colds, pneumonia, and harmful bacteria, because it can strengthen your immune system.

Taken internally oregano is often used to treat staph infections and parasites. One way people have used this powerful oil is to place a towel over the head, and add two drops of oregano oil to a pan of steaming water. Some believe this effectively treats a host of respiratory and nasal conditions.

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