Skip the Energy and Caffeine Drinks: 7 Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Have you been feeling exhausted or lethargic lately?

If so, you are likely experiencing fatigue. When you are fatigued, you are both physically and mentally drained. Daily tasks that were once so easy to perform can now feel like you are trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

There are many different reasons why fatigue might occur. Some of them include poor diet, depression, lack of sleep, illness, over-stimulation, and mental stress. No matter what the reason, here are a few natural remedies that can give you the energy boost you need without the crash later.

Eat a Good Breakfast

When you wake up in the morning, one of the first things you should do is eat breakfast. As you have likely heard so many times before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you eat breakfast, your energy levels get a boost. It is this boost that can help you perform your daily tasks more efficiently.

When you skip breakfast, you put yourself at risk for a variety of different health problems. Even if it is something quick, make breakfast a part of your everyday routine.

Eat More Broccoli

Broccoli is a superfood that can help prevent stress and fatigue. It contains dietary fiber that can help reduce the amount of adrenal damage caused by stress and fatigue. The result is a better-controlled blood sugar level and less glucose being metabolized in the body.

Broccoli can also help eliminate the fat that is often found in the midriff area. Fat in the midriff area causes the hormone cortisol to increase in your body. When this happens, you gain weight. By eating broccoli, you can reduce insulin resistance and improve your blood sugar metabolism.

Get Plenty of Rest

Never underestimate the power of sleep. In order for your body and mind to function the right way, you need to get seven to nine hours of sleep every single night. Having a proper sleeping pattern is a key step to preventing fatigue. When you get plenty of rest, you will feel rejuvenated and ready for the day. When you do not get enough rest, you will probably feel very sluggish and unable to focus.

Try a Little Lemon Balm

This perennial herb is used to treat a variety of different ailments. It can have a very calming effect. When you are calm, your level of mental fatigue is significantly lowered.

Take a Nice, Warm Salt Bath

Salt baths are great for helping you to release fatigue. Just add a little salt to a tub of lukewarm water. Tie your hair up, and submerge yourself in the water from the neck down. Keep your face and hair out of the water. Allow your body to relax. Sit in the salt water for about ten minutes.

Stop and Smell the Rose Oil

Clinical research has shown that organic therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, and rose oil is at the top of that list. Roses are known for their ability to help combat depression and tension. Generally speaking, depression and tension are a direct result of mental fatigue. By smelling rose essential oil, your vibrational frequency will likely increase and cause you to feel invigorated.

Add Spinach to Your Diet

If you have chronic fatigue, consuming spinach is one of the best remedies. Spinach is a very nutrient rich food. The folate it contains helps fight chronic fatigue. Spinach also provides your body with other nutrients that give it energy and ward off fatigue.

For best results, consider eating spinach at least once a day. You can eat it or drink it in a smoothie or juice. Use caution, however, if you have had issues in the past with kidney stones, as the oxalic acid in spinach can cause kidney stones in certain individuals.

What have you tried in the past to help combat fatigue? Please share in the comments below.

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